Fall Family Portrait Sessions

1 12 2008

Here are a few of my favorite images from the past couple portrait sessions I have done… With both these families, I couldn’t help but smile when seeing the beauty of their love for one another through the lens of my camera.




Trash the Dress Session @ March Air Force Museum

28 10 2008

These are from the Trash the Dress Session hosted by a fellow OSP member in Riverside, CA on Sunday. We had a great time with the 15 photographers and 12 models who were there!!! I only saw a small fraction of the planes and definitely could have spent a whole day walking around looking at these beautiful antique planes!! The models I worked with were amazing and ready to try anything!! =)

Leaf turning

15 10 2008

My passion for photography continues to grow and my desire to dive in completely has also increased to where I am frustrated that I have not been better about keeping up this photography blog. My husband and I’s adventure blog takes up a lot of my blogging energy, but I have decided that this site has been neglected for far too many months!

I am working on getting my website up here soon – which may also mean switching over my blog to a different site, we’ll see what happens. (and when it happens!)

A week and a half ago, I had the gift of working with an amazing photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. Chelsea Hudson is not only a talented artist but an amazing woman of God – and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful fall day to shoot a wedding in Indiana – near my hometown. The couple Gwen and Brian as well as their entire bridal party were wonderful and a blast to hang out with for the day… If you would like to see more images, you can check out chelseahudson.wordpress.com. All images on my blog are property of Chelsea Hudson Photography.

Summer fun

19 09 2008

Time to play catch up from my 2 month sabbatical… Here are some images from the Conner pool party in Indiana… It was such a fun time of talking, playing pool volleyball, eating way too much, and laughing…

Gaining momentum

11 09 2008

Wow – it has been a while since I have lost updated this blog. My husband Tony and I have been in transition since the end of June as we have moved our entire lives from Holland, Michigan to Pasadena, California. I didn’t even get my computer and much needed Adobe Software back again until August. But I am back in the groove of a daily routine and beginning to get acquainted with the area out here on the West Coast. I will be posting more images soon of what I am currently working on. If you want to get the update on our adventures since we left Holland, MI – you can check our personal blog @ christenandtony.wordpress.com for all the exciting things that have happened in the past few months. Thanks for your patience – and I hope to share more with you soon – including a new website!

big toes and big woes

3 07 2008

So today was a very traumatic day for me at the Conner cabin…. We were playing Perudo this morning on the front porch, when I got up to get a refill on my cup of coffee…Two seconds later, I was on the floor, wincing in pain. Yes, that’s right. I had tripped over our rocking chair and fallen, knees first onto the wood floor. Thanks to some ice and eventually some ibuprofen, I am going to be okay… I think. To top it all off, my dad and Tony were replacing the faucet this morning and told me to come try it out. Tony, my wonderful husband, had tied down the handle on the sprayer so I got soaked from the waist down b/c for some reason, I was standing quite a distance from the sink. What a morning! 

Because I am beginning to miss loved ones in Holland already, I thought I would post a few pictures from our last few weeks in Holland. The first picture is my brother-in-law Max and I standing outside his house in Grand Rapids, saying goodbye to him until CHRISTMAS. =(

The other thing Tony and I talked about was how many wonderful kids we have gotten to know at Engedi… So it seems only fitting that I would post a picture of a few kids we will miss!

And a few memories from Tony and I’s 10 day cultural immersion into family life:


And below, are a few more pictures of some fun moments we shared with engedi kids…

Maybe now you can begin to understand why saying goodbye has been so difficult…

“Do you know you smile when you are taking pictures?”

1 07 2008

This is what Theresa asked me while I was taking pictures of her beautiful family out at Lake Michigan. I honestly didn’t realize I did that – but once she pointed it out, I knew that I have smiled alot while capturing expressions, moments and relationships on camera. It brings me so much joy to pursue photography and be able to give close friends images that will help them remember a moment or two or three… I think the other reason I smile is because what I see through my camera are beautiful people that love each other and love God. I can’t help but smile or even laugh when something happens while I have the camera in front of me.

I want to share a few different images from a few family portrait sessions I have done as well as a wedding I went to as a guest while trying to remain as out of the way and unobnoxious as possible! However, I realized that my sensitivity to wedding photography etiquette was not shared by everyone else. Someone with a point and shoot was moving around during the ceremony taking pictures, following the primary photographer… I couldn’t believe it!! Below are some images that are unedited since I do not have access, on the road, to my final edited versions of these photographs.

Beautiful FamilyLisa and Avery